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Aims of the bears and why they were created

The bears have been specially designed and created as to nurture the most vital and most important of the prime areas of learning in the Early years foundation stage. These areas are Personal, Social and Emotional development.(PSED)

Through magical stories, music & drama, the four focus bears are used as to help children

Make healthy relationships,

Manage feelings,

Express emotions,

Develop confidence &

Develop a Sense of worth.

The children are presented with a five minute short story with Boogie Bear each week. Boogie Bear presents his story with, Special bear, Night bear or Boogie Bear Baby each week to demonstrate a different situation example; How Boogie bear and night bear waited patiently for their turn. The children are then given opportunities to talk about their own personal experiences. The stories give opportunities to discuss emotions and the different ways we manage them.

The short stories are developed around;

Grace & courtesy skills (Montessori)

& Personal, Social & Emotional development

Children are given lots of phrase and encouragement for sharing their experiences. Boogie Bear story examples are; Speaking in a polite tone/ Blowing ones nose/ Greeting someone /Asking for help When  feeling sad /Sharing my toys /Waiting for my turn /Looking after a pet.

Bears Aims & objectives

  1. Create story, anticipation, and fun.
  2. Encourage role play and communication
  3. Share and manage emotions
  4. Enhance physical development
  5. Problem solve
  6. Develop good relationships
  7. Experience empathy
  8. Create safety & security
  9. Develop grace & courtesy
  10. Develop a sense of joy and connection