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Boogie Bear Music & Drama Successful proven model since    2006

Limited company. Established in 2006

About Boogie Bear Music & Drama

Boogie Bear Music & Drama is a limited company and was established in 2006 by Christine Harris. Christine is a mother of two beautiful children Gabrielle & Christian.

After working as a nursery manager in a nursery school in Camden Town for ten years, decided to create her own music & drama classes and created a company called “Boogie Bear Music & Drama”

In 2006 our vibrant Boogie Bear was introduced with a new concept of ‘Nurturing children’s emotional well-being” and the company was able to grow and expand to a younger audience with a completely different concept. The classes were created to provide French & English too. Boogie bear Music & Drama provides varied programmes, English & French.

Boogie Bear Music & Drama LTD is the successful proven business model that was created with, passion, devotion and 30 years’ experience in early years. Christine is N.N.E.B & Montessori trained and has also completed an NVQ in assessing, practical language diploma in French, seminar in Drama tots, first aid for children, and has attended an intensive Emotional well-being training programme in New York.

The classes have been tried and tested and have served hundreds of children who hold memorable and happy experiences. The classes have been extremely successful in London and Hertfordshire and were voted “The best Baby classes 2018”

Below is a link to a live class.



The franchisees do not need to start up the classes as a brand new model as they are already successfully existing. Franchisees can choose an English or bilingual programme. Both are available. The Bilingual programme only contains about 3/4 French songs per class. The French songs are easy to learn. All lyrics are provided. The Franchisor will provide a video of how to perform each song as well as perform them during the training programme. The franchisees can practice the songs with each other, using the props as to feel confident.

The curriculum provided is structured, well-planned, educating, stimulating, very fun and is suitable for children aged 4 months-4 years old.

Since 2006 the classes have grown and have become very popular. There is a great demand for more classes, and as an established business for 13 years Boogie Bear Music & Drama has great potential to grow and serve many more children in various areas. To achieve this, we are looking for enthusiastic franchisees to help grow the business in their own unique territory.

Philosophy, Aims & Objectives of Boogie Bear classes.

                               Our slogan is



Emotional skills are crucial for children to become successful both socially and academically. We have developed the classes around the most vital of the prime areas of learning in the early years foundation stage. These areas are, personal, social and emotional development.

We use a unique combination of Music, Drama, Montessori philosophies, Sensory play and a little splash of French!

We have also incorporated four beautiful mascot bears which all serve a different purpose. Boogie bear, Special moment bear, Night bear and Boogie baby.

Through our short stories, music, drama, sensory, French and Montessori philosophies, we aim to help children,

Manage feelings,

Express emotions,

Develop a sense of well-being and

Increase confidence & self-esteem.


Boogie Bear Music & Drama LTD are looking for franchisees who have

– a good understand of children’s all round development

-a general love for children

-an outgoing personality

-a positive attitude

-confidence and enthusiasm when teaching

-a desire to run their own business

-a creative imagination

-a passion to grow and learn

– some understanding of the French language.This is required for, baby programme 1 only.

-and someone who is trustworthy and reliable


Training and ongoing support

Boogie Bear Music & Drama LTD is excited to welcome you as a franchisee. It is here that your new exciting journey will begin with the help of Boogie bears franchise team, will work with you to provide the safety & security you need throughout.


We will provide on-going support, training, and guidance ready for you to start up your own business.

The Boogie Bear franchise will be awarded to those who show a commitment and potential to learn in all areas of the business and those who possess the above qualities.

The potential franchisee will need to maintain and upheld the Boogie bear model and show an understanding of how to grow the business.

Shadowing with the franchisor will be provided before you make your important decision. It is here that the trainer will assess your abilities to teach.

Annual and termly meetings will be provided.

Regular communication via Email and telephone will be offered.


What will we cover during the training course?

– history of Boogie Bear Music & Drama LTD

– the franchise operations manual

– how to perform the classes, franchisees  will get    the opportunity to perform using the materials so they can feel confident and happy before starting up

– any worries and concerns franchisees have

– finances

– how to set up and advertise your business

– how to chose your territory

– ethos & standards

-liability insurances/ DBS/ Music licence

Boogie Bear Music & Drama LTD uphold professional standards & procedures and therefore it is compulsory to complete a first aid training course.

Have an updated DBS

Have liability insurance &

Obtain a yearly music licence

What else included in the Franchise Fee?

There are 2 ready-made programmes for you to choose from;

Both programmes will be completed with 24 ready-made varied lesson plans. Tried & tested!

Programme 1, for children aged 4-12 months (Bilingual            French & English)

Programme 2, for children aged 1-4 years (English language)

-an iPod, which will have all the songs corresponding to the lesson planner (so you will not have to search for music)

-support from the Boogie Bear team  throughout your whole process. On going support is given with regards to setting up, how to get started, how to set up your Boogie bear classes in nursery establishments, and how to build up your confidence.

-a beautiful prop box with all props needed for all 24 classes

-a musical instrument box

-your own unique Boogie Bear

-Special  moment bear

-Night bear

-Boogie bear bags for props

-10 Boogie baby teddies

-2 adult t-shirts with company logo

-Boogie bear reward stickers

-flyers for starting up

-your own unique page on the Boogie bear website

-a good quality music dock

-Boogie bear correspondence for nursery establishments

-Boogie bear correspondence for your private classes.



Your business and funding

Boogie bear music & drama LTD franchisees is built to provide opportunities for people who are interested in starting their own business. We understand that it can be difficult to obtain fees to purchase a franchise. We are therefor happy to work with you to purchase funding for the franchise fee. Our corporate finance broker Mr George Parker from Halo would be happy to assist each franchisee with the appropriate finance needed.

The process.

You will receive a short form to fill out

Once the form has been returned you will be invited for an informal meeting for a coffee and will be introduced to the regional franchisor Rodney Hindmarsh and franchisor founder. It is here where you can ask any questions about the Boogie bear classes and how they work.

We will then contact you and invite you for a second meeting. Here we will discuss  your application form and assess if you are the right candidate for the franchise.  If we feel you have all the right qualities to become a Boogie bear franchisee we will then set up a 1-1 shadowing in a live class with parents and children. It is here where you will watch the franchisor in action and can perform a song of your choice to see if this is for you. It is here we will be able to assess if you have the qualities to teach.

If yes, then we will celebrate and set a date for your training to commence!


The franchise fee is then payable in full. This fee allows you to start trading under Boogie Bear music & drama LTD.

Contracts will be signed and your new exciting journey with Boogie Bear music & drama LTD will commence.


Potential earnings 

Your income will depend on how many classes you would like to run. Would you like to work term time only? (38 weeks) Or all year round? (52 weeks) or perhaps part time to suit around your families needs.

Depending on the number of hours you work and how many classes you teach you can turn over 24K which is achievable in the first year, with the potential to earn up to 60 to 70K in the third year. These figures are based on a full-time basis.

Building up classes takes time, once you build up a good relationship with parents your classes will begin to flourish. A new class does require a few months to fill up.

You will need to dedicate at least 4 to 5 hours per week for social networking.  Boogie Bear Music & Drama can provide you with your own social media manager to help you with all the social networking .


Regular advertising and good communication with parents & social media is needed in order to achieve  successful & full classes.


Only one age package is included in the franchise fee.

If you have read all the details above and are excited about owning your own Boogie bear business and wish to explore the possibility of becoming a franchisee, then please send an email to:


Franchisors Email 


T- 07989877190



Below are some of Boogie Bears testimonials.

(based on the Franchisor’s experiences)




Dear Christine,

with your big smile and positive energy the moment you enter the nursery the children are instantly memorised by you.

It’s so great to see how much they all enjoy The Boogie Bear sessions and how enthusiastic they are throughout all of the songs. You  involve all the children in your activities and manage to keep a very large group stimulated with very little effort.

Lessons are fantastically organised and you carry them out with lots of passion which is easily passed  on to the children. We are so lucky to have Boogie Bear sessions every Thursday , We enjoy every single session!


Dear Christine,
Isla loves coming to your Boogie Bear classes as so did her older sister. Lovely, warm, stimulating atmosphere & excellent props.


Dear Christine,
Charlie loves coming to the Boogie Bear Classes every week. He just loves the music and the stories. Christine is so happy and lively and provides excellent stimulation. Thank you very much.

Well done Christine for running such amazing and successful classes for so many years. We have tried several music classes at our nursery before we found you. Our children asked all morning when is Christine coming and they cheer the doorbell rings. Your props are amazing, original  and forever changing. The parents comment on the songs they have learnt at home. I wish my girls were young again as they definitely missed out. What a great start to educating children with music, drama and fun. Emma, manager at Treehouse Nursery. ——-


As a director at turtles nursery, Covent Garden, and have been a manager for the past 20 years I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Christine’s classes. Children of all ages in my settings love these sessions and look forward to welcoming Christine every week and so do the staff. She is vibrant, enthusiastic, and skilfully works with our little ones to embrace a love and a natural aptitude for teaching. Eileen rumble, turtles nursery.


Dear Christine

we love your Boogie Bear lessons because, get to know all the children quickly and involve each one individually. Your resources are exciting and interesting, your lessons are so organised and fun, always arrive with a smile and lots of positive energy, and the staff enjoy your lessons as much as the children do. Gabriela, Treehouse Nursery

Dear Christine

Your classes are amazing. You captivate the children and adults too. You work well with all children and ages, especially children with special needs. You are spontaneous, and work well under pressure. You can handle any size group. I highly recommend the Boogie Bear classes for anyone looking for in educational and fun class. You make learning so fun.

Charmaine, Teensy Wonders Nursery


My Bella Christian, you are an amazing teacher. You make the lessons so interesting with all your exciting props, and the children love you to bits. We have lots of positive feedback from parents saying how much the children enjoy singing all the songs at home. You are truly amazing.

Maria, St monicas nursery


Dear Christine,

thank you for your hard work at bright stars and as we. The children  absolutely adore you.

Nikki, bright stars nursery, Cheshunt



Dear Christine,

Indigo loves the song , stir up the porridge! you make Alice laugh. She absolutely adores you.

Iona parent x


The children look forward to Christine coming every Wednesday at Teddies Nursery. Her activities and lessons very interactive and exciting. The children are always talking about French after she has left they enjoy counting in French singing the days of the week etc. Christine is always full of energy and always very happy. The staff have learnt loads of French too!!

Lauren, Teddies Nursery Southgate



all the children love your great activities you do with the children I’m my love to sing the SALUT song with special dances. Your resources are extremely exciting and interactive. You always come to Work happy and full of energy.

Thank you so much Bright Stars Edmonton


Dear Christine

thank you so much for teaching my daughter Darcy so well. Only a few lessons and she counts to 10 in French. Thank you keep up the good work Stacey X


Dear Christine

thank you for all your hard work at Bright Stars Edmonton. You are doing a fantastic job all the children love you.

Many thanks Nikki


Dear Christine, the children are always looking forward to seeing you on a Tuesday and Thursday For the Boogie bear session. It’s so good that they are able to pick up so much of the French words as well as the pronunciation. I am really enjoying Boogie Bear as you make it so fun and  simple and easy. Thank you.

Maya St Monicas Nursery


Dear Christine

thank you for all your hard work that you provide each and every week. The children absolutely love seeing you come every week. The parents are so happy with the progression the children have made and are so grateful you have introduced Boogie Bear to them.

Asha Burford preschool nursery



I really look forward to your boogie bear classes they are the highlight of my week. The way you interact with the children is fantastic, you hold their attention throughout the time you are here. Your facial expressions really make them laugh. They adore all the drama and Boogie Bear. The songs are brilliant and the children eagerly join in. You really do make the whole experience memorable.  Recommended to you all.

Thank you so much Stella Teensy Wonders Nursery


Dear Christine

it is such a pleasure to watch your sessions on a Thursday. The children are so much involved and show enjoyment through your fabulous actions and smiling. The children get excited when we prepare them before your lesson. My favourite part of your session is when you introduce Boogie Bear to the children. They shine because of the positivity that you give.

Lena Teensy Wonders Nursery