French language programme

Why our Boogie Bear Music & Drama classes offer something very different.

Our unique language programme is very different as we have also combined together, French, Drama, Music, Sensory and Montessori philosophies (grace and courtesy skills)

Boogie Bear

Boogie Bear is our main Focus bear. He is used in all lessons as to capture the child’s attention and help children focus and connect, developing concentration, patience and listening skills. Boogie Bear transforms the session into a magical one creating story, conversation, anticipation and laughter.

Our ethos is

Nurturing children’s emotional well-being. As well as helping children extend their language and communication skills, we at Boogie Bear Music & Drama aim to help children; 

  • Manage feelings
  • Express emotions
  • Develop a sense of worth
  • Increase confidence & be kind to others.


There will be a new theme each week, but we will use the same vocabulary previously learnt.

A revision book will be used at the beginning of each session as to revise language and songs learnt from the previous weeks. We always continue our language learnt in week 1 and only introduce a small amount of new language each week. The children will be given a discussion sheet to share with you at home every week. A folder will be given to each child as to keep their French work in.

French performances

The parents are invited to see all the children’s hard work at the end of the year with an amazing French performance.

Aims and objectives

Our French language programme is suitable for children aged 3-5 years old. Each lesson is linked to both the early years foundation stage and key stage learning for pre-school.

What we cover

  • Personal development and Mutual understanding
  • Social and Emotional development
  • Language and Literacy
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
  • The world around us
  • The Arts 

Our language programmes

We use a progressive language programme that aims to teach children basic nouns and grammar as to enhance communication and pronunciation skills.

Our topics include; Magic, creatures, nature, jungle, dinosaurs, our body, greetings, please and thank you, colours, farm animals, days of the week, counting, clothes, weather, family, science and lots of fun stories.  Children will also be learning through music and will use musical instruments to practice beat, rhythm and sequencing.

French sample lesson

Name of lesson  

I love cats, I love fish. J’aime les chats, j’aime les poissons.


30 minutes

Target language

hat, cat, poisson, fish, jaune, yellow, vert, green, and numbers 1-10

1. Objectives for communication & language  

Teach basic grammar in French and English. Develop good listening and attention, which once secure will enable them to develop their understanding and speaking skills.

Demonstrate by….

Use recap book of previous language learnt. Introduce the new words, vert, green, jaune, yellow

Poission, fish and chat, cat. Ask each child to sing the colour song using the green and yellow squares in the tune of Frere Jacques using the floor mat and magic stick.

2. Objectives for Physical development.

To develop co-ordination, control, small and large movements.

Demonstrate by….

Introduce two varied sized cats, talk about large and small. Ask the children to identify large and small and demonstrate this by using their body. Using 4 cats made of material choose a child to hide the cat in their hands as the children guess the colour.

3. Objectives for Personal, social and emotional.

To develop self-confidence, self-awareness, positive meaningful relationships with others, care for others, and understanding feelings.

Demonstrate by…

Talk about cats and fish and how we care and treat them. Allow children to share experiences about their personal pets in turn. Explore varied emotions during our colour song using varied speech tones, crying, laughing or screaming.

4. Objectives for Literacy.

To develop passion for stories, rhymes, songs and poems. Explore sounds and letters

Demonstrate by….

Introduce the fish song encourage to make their own words too.

Display the two words GRAND, big and PETIT, small when separating the cats.

5. Objectives for Mathematics.

Explore counting in French and English, recognise numbers, calculate, order, sort and match.

Make patterns, and connections between objects. Explore shapes and space.

Demonstrate by….

Count the cats and fish, sort the fish out in colours, ask the children to estimate how many fish are in the bag and display numerals as concrete evidence.

Separate the fish into colours, ask the children to match the number to the quantity.

6. Objectives for Understanding the world.

Allow opportunities to explore with science, mix colours, make colours, design, and explore history and geography.

Demonstrate by…..

Discuss how many years’ cats have lived, talk about domestic and wild cats showing pictures, and briefly discuss habitats of cats and fish.

7. Objectives for Expressive arts and design.

Explore a variety of materials, sounds and textures, build, construct, create and produce their

own stories and drama. Explore imagination through art, music, and role play.

Demonstrate by….

Create varied textured cats and discuss, allow the children to hear different animals sounds, encourage role play asking the children to swim, and crawl like cats.


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Are you Interested owning your own Boogie bear business and wish to explore the possibility of becoming a franchisee?


Get Connected

Are you Interested owning your own Boogie bear business and wish to explore the possibility of becoming a franchisee?