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A big hug is sometimes all we need ❤

Our gorgeous Boogie Babies relaxing at the end of another session.

We say goodbye using our gorgeous purple hat. We sing our calming song Grandmas Glasses!

Our last Boogie Baby session. We had a Boogie Bear picnic!

Our parents have just as much fun as the children do. Baskervilles session

Wriggle your fingers song…..

The Boogie Babies really enjoyed our upbeat French songs today.

We learn beat and rhythm performing our Hickory Dikory Dock song.

Anyone for tea….

Sensory play …..

Imaginary play using pretend fruit & vegetables. Today we used our fruit to make a cake for Boogie bear, we stirred all our ingredients and sang our Grannies in the kitchen song!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my term. I am blessed to do what I do everyday and am privileged to be able to make a difference in so many children’s lives . Christine, founder 🌸


The children love to perform well loved fairy tales.

Performing our French song zooming to the moon.

Boogie Bear talks about how he politely waited for his turn. An example of our Montessori stories.

Our four focus bears…Boogie Bear, Boogie Baby, Special moment bear & Night bear .

Boogie Baby class …

Our French Peek a boo song

Morning stretch to start the class

Greeting Boogie Bear ….

Saying farewell to Boogie bear. Boogie bear is so lucky to have so many hugs a day!

My little munchkin baby is dressed in her cute pink outfit, all ready for Boogie Bear. He will be very impressed!

My gorgeous Boogie Bear….


Our Dinosaur song… woke up this morning and what do you know… I turned into a dinosaur…oh no!!!