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My name is Christine and I am a mother of two beautiful children, Gabrielle & Christian.

During my 29 years of teaching, I completed my N.N.EB, Montessori, NVQ in assessing, practical language diploma in French, Portage special needs course, Drama tots training, and an “Emotional well-being” training seminar in New York.

I began managing  and teaching a small nursery in Camden Town, Alpha Beta Nursery. It was here where I developed my passion for teaching as the rewards and feedback from parents, children and colleagues were extremely rewarding.

After 10 wonderful years at Alpha Beta Nursery I left to have my beautiful daughter Gabrielle and devoted myself to being a full-time mother.

In 2006 I dedicated time and passion in developing my own French club called Dansez et Chantez (dance & sing), which has been extremely popular within nurseries in London.

In 2008  I introduced my Boogie Bear Music & Drama classes, and was able to extend my age range, which was very exciting to work with babies!

With the popularity of my Boogie Bear classes growing, I decided to share my success with others and I now begin my new and exciting journey of franchising.

After completing a well-being course in New York, I decided to focus and study more on the child’s “emotional well-being” and added more emotional developmental exercises into the Boogie Bear classes.

I created four new focus bears to help me achieve this. This area is close to my heart, and the most vital to all areas of learning. I have incorporated all I have learnt from previous courses, combined it with my knowledge from Maria Montessori philosophies and my previous teaching experiences in early years, and created my unique BOOGIE BEAR MUSIC AND DRAMA classes.